Working Together to Reduce Prescription Drug Abuse and Overdose Deaths

Naloxone Access Action Team

Leads:  Stephany Campos

Key Objective 5:
Expand access to naloxone for overdose prevention

Naloxone is a medication that quickly and effectively treats the life-threatening symptoms of an opioid overdose. Naloxone kits should be accessible to everyone, including all emergency responders, law enforcement and those in criminal justice settings, treatment providers, and people that access drug treatment, as well as their friends and family members. In order for this intervention to work, this medication must first be recognized as one of the most important tools available in combating opioid overdoses and must be made  widely available.

The Naloxone Access Action Team will:

  • Expand existing naloxone distribution programs that serve high risk populations, including people engaged with methadone and other forms of substance use treatment, active drug users and their friends and family members, and criminal justice settings.
  • Ensure the wide distribution of naloxone kits across Los Angeles County by identifying existing funding opportunities and advocating for new funding opportunities to support community-based programs that target high risk populations. 
  • Provide support for new naloxone distribution programs, by conducting trainings and consultations with relevant individuals and providers including pharmacies, community-based medical clinics, law enforcement, and medical provider networks, to ensure that they are comfortable distributing naloxone kits and providing overdose prevention and response education.

SMART Goals:

-  Strengthen existing LA County naloxone distribution programs and expand naloxone distribution by training at least four (4) new provider

   agencies by October 1, 2016.
-  Develop an implementation plan/ strategic plan for creating a centralized reporting system electronic database and community interview data 

   collection for overdose program data to be operated by the LA DPH/ SAPC by October 1, 2016.

Naloxone Access Action Team
Priority Area II:
Treatment and Overdose Prevention